ASSIGNMENT HELP | Sociological Meanings Of Basic Concepts

Two replies or critical comments to other students’ postings(Response below). These replies should have a minimum of 150 words each. Read each student posting and provide a critical comment for each one.


Student 1

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While watching the movies Arab American fight fighter and Dr. Karima (Arab-American institute) I could understand more about Arab-Americans and Muslims people struggle in United States Society.  According to what they expressed in the videos, Arab American community has to deal with several patterns of social discrimination.  Arab Americans and Muslims are subject of hate crimes and people fear to be around  them as a fact of terrorism.  People in United States society usually tags Arabs and people who practice Muslim religion as terrorists, as a result of September eleven event.  However; the true  is that, American society do not understand that the practice of Muslim  religion has nothing to do with terrorist if not is totally the opposite.  Muslim  religion is about to spread peace beyond people and to promote kindness and respect towards other people.

As the firefighter pointed out, Arab Americans identify themselves as a recombination of mix culture among Europe, American and Arab  and th e fact that they maintain the practice of their religions, beliefs and traditions does not mean that they can not show loyalty to united State nation.  The same thing with Dr.Karima testimony, she states that their people is mostly afraid to show their identity in this country because they fear to be attacked by radical citizens that don’t understand the Muslim  philosophy.  Nevertheless, she advices to the community to feel free to express who they are since they are not doing nothing wrong.  She argues that Arab-Americans and Muslims must feel proud of their roots and their religion and it is better to show the pride instead to hide from the  society.  Because that way they are sending a message to United States society that the misunderstandings related to Arab community interest in this nation is a fact of social prejudice.

After reading the Unit and watching the movies I have a better understanding of the struggle of  Arab Americans community in this country and why they fear of showing who they are .  They are also victims of the historically discriminatory system of this country.   This is so sad and very unfair; because what American citizens  are doing,  is  to blame  innocent people whose religion’s purpose is far away to promote hate, destruction and death.

Student 2

There are millions of Arab-Americans in the United States. They have brought wonderful aspects of their culture here to America. Most are Muslims and practice peace under their religion, Islam. But even with all the good that has come from Arab culture and the Arab-American people, most struggle to be accepted in the United States. Arab-Americans struggle to be accepted because of many different reasons. People are prejudice and make assumptions based off of stereotypes and events that occurred in America that bared their religion. They struggle because most Americans do not see Arab-Americans as actual Americans. They discriminate because they might see a woman wearing a hijab or speaking Arabic and create negative assumptions. These things can prohibit Arab Americans from finding good jobs and receiving many opportunities in America. Most of the racism Arab-American encounter in America are based off of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York City. After these attacks the American public created a perception that people of Arabic descent were evil and cruel. This historic moment caused by a couple of people created a stereotype against an entire religion and race.

Most Americans do not understand Arabs as people because most Americans have not tried to understand the Arab culture, traditions, and even their religion. Most have preconceived ideas about Arabs and their ways. They go by what they have seen and heard. This lack of understanding creates prejudice and racism against Arab-Americans and Muslims.

Many ethnic minority groups in America try to retain their culture, traditions, and religious beliefs while in America and pass it down to their children. Arab-Americans are no different. There are pressures for ethnic groups to become what is called “Americanized”. However, I believe that it is possible for Arab-Americans to retain their ways because it is what they know. It is what makes them different. America is full of different ethnic groups. This “melting pot” of people allow America to be what it is, culturally ambiguous. Arab-Americans can retain their traditions and culture and religion and remain good loyal Americans. Many Arab-Americans have fought for this country in wars and in protests. This to me represents a loyal American. In the quick time videos, I learned that even if you are a “loyal” American you can still be judged because of what your ethnicity is. I also learned that Arab Americans religion is founded on peace. Most people in America think of Arab-American people as terrorists and evil. If they were to seek a better understanding Arab-Americans and their religion, traditions, and culture, they would not have these negative notions about them.

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