ASSIGNMENT HELP | Global Sociological Issues Group project

This project will focus on a Global Sociological Issue chosen (Consumption & Consumerism). You will answer the questions listed below and compile information to create a multimedia presentation to present to the class on week 7. The multimedia presentation will be formatted in APA 6th edition, with a Title page, in text citations, image citations and a reference page. The reference page will include 15 sources in proper APA 6th edition format that have been integrated into the presentation. (2 scholarly, 2 newspapers and 2 web pages).


** As an extra credit option, you may for up to 10 extra points, interview a person who has firsthand experience with the issue you are studying or a professional working to address the issue you have chosen. Interview notes will be submitted with the final product on week 7.

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Areas to be addressed in the final product:

1. Brief overview of the topic

2. Why should we care about this issue, how does it affect us in the USA?

3. Brief literature review. This should be a summary of the current information in this field.

4. Identify and explain the relevant sociological theories and explain how this theory provides insight into your topic.

5. Apply and explain 3-5 Sociological concepts that are related to/impact your issue.

6. What groups are currently working to address the issue you have chosen and what are they doing.

7. Extra Credit See above

Final Product score: this score will be created by the evaluation of the content of the presentation, evidence of critical thought, the sources and the creativity put in to the multi-media presentation.

Presentation score: this score will be created by the manner and skill with which the presentation is delivered in class.

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