ESSAY HELP | Equal Pay is the emerging issue

Equal Pay is the emerging issue

Slide 1 Presentation Template/ Title Page o Create a sample presentation template to be used by the team (12 Slides). o Title Page: Emerging Issue Presentation, course, date, and Instructor name.

Slide 2 Introduction o Introduction Summary of an emerging issue (Equal Pay). o Welcome to our presentation summary in the speaker notes.

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Slide 3 Agenda o A breakdown of the topics we will discuss in our presentation.

Slide 4 o Analyze the cause or causes of the emerging issue


Slide 5 o Analyze the strategic impact on organizations in general if the selected issue is not addressed appropriately.

Slide 6 o Identify the ethical or social responsibilities that need to be addressed with the issue you selected.

Slide 7 o Assess alternative actions to solve the problem or improve the situation. Are there staff recruitment, legal, or HR planning issues that need to be addressed?

Slide 8 o Recommend the best alternative, and explain why it is the best.

Slide 9 o Explain how and when should the recommended action be implemented.

Slide 10 o Indicate any employee or labor relations issues that may be involved in the issue and resolution thereof. (This may include workplace safety depending on the issue chosen).

Slide 11 o Identify any issues about future training on the issue that should be implemented. Slide 12

o References

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