ASSIGNMENT HELP | Which sub-scale of Caring Practices has the lowest dispersion or variation of scores? Provide a rationale for your answer.

1. What were the name and type of measurement method used to measure Caring Practices in the Roch Dubois and Clarke (2014) study?
2. The data collected with the scale identi ed in Questions 1 were at what level of measurement? Provide a rationale for your answer.
3. What were the subscales included in the CNPISS used to measure RNs perceptions of their Caring Practices? Do these subscales seem relevant? Document your answer.
4. Which subscale for Caring Practices had the lowest mean? What does this result indicate?
What were the dispersion results for the Relational Care subscale of the Caring Practices in Table 2 ? What do these results indicate?
6. Which sub-scale of Caring Practices has the lowest dispersion or variation of scores? Provide a rationale for your answer.
7. Which subscale of Caring Practices had the highest mean? What do these results indicate? 8. Compare the Overall rating for Organizational Climate with the Overall rating of Caring Practices. What do these results indicate?
9. The response rate for the survey in this study was 45%. Is this a study strength or limitation? Provide a rationale for your answer.
10. What conclusions did the researchers make regarding the caring practices of the nurses in this study? How might these results affect your practice? Copyright 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 97 Description of a Study Sample STATISTICAL TECHNIQUE IN REVIEW Most research reports describe the subjects or participants who comprise the study sample. This description of the sample is called the sample characteristics which may be presented in a table and/or the narrative of the article. The sample characteristics are often presented for each of the groups in a study (i.e. intervention and control groups). Descriptive statistics are calculated to generate sample characteristics and the type of statistic conducted depends on the level of measurement of the demographic variables included in a study ( Grove Burns & Gray 2013 ). For example data collected on gender is nominal level and can be described using frequencies percentages and mode. Measur-ing educational level usually produces ordinal data that can be described using frequen-cies percentages mode median and range. Obtaining each subject s speci c age is an example of ratio data that can be described using mean range and standard deviation. Interval and ratio data are analyzed with the same statistical techniques and are some-times referred to as interval/ratio-level data in this text. RESEARCH ARTICLE Source Oh E. G. Yoo J. Y. Lee J. E. Hyun S. S. Ko I. S. & Chu S. H. (2014). Effects of a three-month therapeutic lifestyle modi cation program to improve bone health in postmeno-pausal Korean women in a rural community: A randomized controlled trial. Research in Nursing & Health 37 (4) 292301. Introduction Oh and colleagues (2014) conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to examine the effects of a therapeutic lifestyle modi cation (TLM) intervention on the knowledge self-ef cacy and behaviors related to bone health in postmenopausal women in a rural com-munity. The study was conducted using a pretest-posttest control group design with a sample of 41 women randomly assigned to either the intervention ( n = 21) or control group ( n = 20). The intervention group completed a 12-week 24-session TLM program of individualized health monitoring group health education exercise and calciumvitamin D supplementation. Compared with the control group the intervention group showed signi cant increases in knowledge and self-ef cacy and improvement in diet and exercise after 12 weeks providing evidence that a comprehensive TLM program can be effective in improving health behaviors to maintain bone health in women at high risk of osteoporosis ( Oh et al. 2014 p. 292). EXERCISE 10

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