ASSIGNMENT HELP | What populations are most vulnerable, and what are the main vulnerabilities?)

Analysis: Because you are doing a country case study, you can do either a descriptive or evaluative analysis. You need to present the country’s economic and demographic data; e.g., poverty and population data. For a minimum of such data, see for instance table 1 in this paper. In the preface to their edited book, Gatti and Boggio discuss a matrix tool to help determine optimal allocation of scare resources. Your paper must include this matrix. Think of the matrix as a way to organize your information. In order to do so, you need to have a good comprehension of the disease burden of the country of your choice (include the top 10 diseases); the burden of disease must be presented for the two critical measures (mortality and morbidity – morbidity data must include incidence, prevalence and DALYs). For data for all countries you should check the WHO World Health Statistics 2015. Other WHO key data sources are the Global Health Observatory (GHO) and the WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS). Other sources for country disease/health profiles are the Demographic and Health Surveys. You can also search the WHO websites for country “Statistical Profile”, for instance here is one on Kenya from the WHO-AFRO (Africa Region) office; The source page for other country profiles for the Africa region is this:


To present the matrix, you must have country data for each of the dimensions; for “medical products, vaccines and technologies” check for instance extent of use of diagnostic tools such as mammograms, CT scans (see a book on med techs accessible freely here); for vaccines you need data on population vaccinated for the major diseases, for vaccine information, check the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). For health financing data, check the National Health Accounts reports, some countries have them and some may not; and some may be old data. Feel free to add columns for totals, e.g., total healthcare workers, total health spending.

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DATA: In addition to such sources, you should also check individual country sources. Note: your data must be from credible sources and they must be the latest data.

Content and format: The Paper is more than a reflection of what you have learnt from the course. It should be more exploratory, rather than a typical research paper. The key goal is to assess the interplay between development processes and health; so try to examine what has happened in your country in recent years, you can even go back 30 years or so. Look particularly at GDP data, population growth data, health status data (LE, IMR and MM R) and health financing data. Look at the trends, at the allocation of resources across diseases. The paper should have proper subheadings for the different sections addressed. Your paper should be well referenced; you already have instructions on format and citation and those should be adhered to.

Length and due date: The length of the Term Paper should be between 2000 and 2500 words (charts, tables and bibliography are not counted).

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