What do you consider the value of informal groups? | ASSIGNMENT HELP

What do you consider the value of informal groups? Are there any problems informal groups could cause?
Question 1

Read the Gourmand fable and answer the question: what is, and what should be, the role of the consumer in the health services system? Be specific, and note not only concepts from the fable but how they relate to the health care system.?
Question 2

In class we talked about three types of power: referent, expert, and legitimate. First, define each of these types of power. Then, describe what type of power you think is most effective from a manager’s perspective? Finally, what kind is most preferred by other members of the organization? Why do you think that?

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Question 4

What do you consider the value of informal groups? Are there any problems informal groups could cause?
Question 5

Complete the questions in the case study: The Business Office (included in the exam review)

Question 6

Give an example of a merger that you think was either successful or unsuccessful. What made it work/not work?
Question 7

In class we discussed a number of reasons why health care costs are skyrocketing. Describe what you would consider the major reason for this and why.
Question 8

Who (or what) do you think is the major factor behind a continual desire for technological advances – including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, systems, etc. – in the medical field. Why? As administrators, should we consider that desire good or bad
Question 9

If you were a small group of physicians in Salt Lake County, with whom would a strategic alliance be most effective? Using reasons discussed in class, tell me why that alliance would be most effective.

Question 10

In class we discussed (somewhat facetiously) the 5th disease/disorder (if it doesn’t show up earlier at least) that comes up when any symptom is typed into WebMD. What disease/disorder was it? Knowing that people have are receiving this kind of information when searching about conditions/diseases/treatments, how would you as an administrator try to alleviate misinformation when these individuals come to your clinic/hospital?

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