What are the three initial questions a nurse should ask the client | ASSIGNMENT HELP

2. D.H. has contractions 2 to 3 minutes apart lasting 45 seconds. This is her third pregnancy
(G3P2002) at 38 weeks gestation. The membranes are intact at this time. A nurse should most
appropriately ask for what information before doing a vaginal exam?

3. What assessments should be done to gain further information from D.H?

4. The digital vaginal exam reveals 80% effacement, 4 cm dilated and -1 station. The fetal heart
rate (FHR) is 150 beats/min and regular. The client is admitted to a labor and delivery room on
the unit. What nursing measures should be done at this time?

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5. Review the stages of labor. What stage is D.H. in at this time based on the above information?

6. D.H. is assessed with external electronic toco and fetus is assessed with an external electronic fetal monitor throughout labor. What abnormalities should a nurse assess for?

7. The nurse notes the following pattern on the external fetal monitoring strip. What are the most appropriate nursing interventions at this time?

8. The remainder of the labor is uneventful; D.H. has a 3rd degree episiotomy to allow more
room for the infant to descend and delivers an 8 lb 8 oz male infant after 7 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing. What is involved in the immediate care of the newborn?

9. D.H. has her episiotomy repaired and the placenta delivered. Describe the signs that the
placenta has released from the uterine wall?

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