ASSIGNMENT HELP | Video Summary of “Who Kills the Electric Car

Watch the film and answer the questions!! Questions are on the uploaded file!!!!!

Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) 88 minutes.
Date Due: April 2
1.    How does the film illustrate the “lost world†and “new world†utopian models?
Lost World : Nature, Ecology…
New World: Metropolis, technology, machines, internat…ect
• What did Ralph Nader say about auto companies and “the future�
• What did Mel Gibson say about who “controls the future�
• What did President Bush say was the “wave of the future�
2. What were he effects of the gasoline cars on air quality in Los Angeles?
• For every gallon of gasoline, how much C02 is emitted into the air?
• What was the “zero emission vehicle†(ZEV) mandate?
3. What was the EV-1 car?
• How was it powered and what were its effects on the environment?
• What were some of the benefits to owning and driving the car?
• What were some of the views of celebrities and movie stars regarding the EV1?
4. For what reasons was the EV1 (and other electric cars) removed from the market?
• What were some of the tactics used by GM to discourage driving an EV1?
• List a few ways that the EV1 drivers fought back against GM and car companies?
5. In your view, what killed the electric car?
• Auto companies, oil companies, weak batteries, politicians and the government, lack of
consumer demand, hydrogen cars, the desire for Hummers and SUVs?
6. According to Stanford Ovshinsky, what is the best way to make a revolution and change
the world?

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