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You are a consultant for the business ‘CSU eCommerce Consulting Services’. It is your role within the company to respond to customers that have lodged an eCommerce query that requires action. All clients that you are directed to respond to have an ongoing relationship with your company and have pre-paid blocks of time for any queries they have. Clients need to know that the advice is accurate so you will need to provide references to backup your assertions. References used must be from reliable sources; Wikipedia or other crowdsourced services may contain accurate information however this advice needs to be backed up with reputable sources that can withstand scrutiny. Be sure to read the marking criteria to see how you will be assessed. Overall it is important to have a mix of relevant theoretical concepts and real world examples presented in a manner that the client can understand.
Task Requirements
You are to write a professional business style email response to the following client. A response template is provided under ‘Presentation’ below.
Client 2
Name: Mrs. Marcia Holden Background: Business owner and primary florist at ‘Fleeting Moments Florist’.
Incoming correspondence:
I currently run a small floral retail store that creates custom and traditional floral arrangements.
I am interested in possibly selling online but am not sure if this is for me. The primary success factor of my business is my connections with local wedding planners funeral directors and event organisers.
I have read about a model of industry analysis developed by Michael Porter that may be of benefit.
To help inform my decision making can you please provide a real world analysis of my industry based on Porter’s 5 Forces model specifically focused on online aspects of floral retailing. Based on this industry analysis I would also like your assessment of the key risks to my business if I were to move online.
If I were to sell online I would also like to know how I should start services I could use and how these would benefit my business.
I look forward to your advice.
Thanks. Marcia Holden Owner Fleeting Moments Florist Rationale
The objective of this assessment is to develop your ability to:
Marking criteria
Value and relevance of the response to the client
Clarity of the response in providing value
Identified risk in the business case
Application of Theory
Use of relevant real world business solutions that the client may use.
Use of relevant academically referenced real world business examples reiterating the reasoning for the response.

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