Traditional School Is A Better Option for your Child | ASSIGNMENT HELP

This is an argumentative essay of regular schooling vs home schooling, specifically that regular schooling represents a better option for a child and his or her social development because of the important of socialization and interaction with other children.

-This essay has to get modifications such as; Be more specific in the introduction, provide more history, numbers, statistics, be more specific about what type of regular school is being talked about, such as high school, middle school, etc.

-Add more facts, statistics, scientific evidence of what is argued in the body paragraph.

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-Also add more about the other point of view in this case homeschooling, types of homeschooling and why these types of education do not represent a better option for a child (demonstrate with facts, statistics, testimonials, personal experiences, etc.)

-In this essay there are interesting points of the argument but many of the sources were not cited or named in the body paragraph to prove their truth.

-3 more full pages will be added to this essay, plus the modifications.

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