The impact of language barrier on refugees’ education | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Note: Sources used and/or consulted in the research paper are attached along with the order as a PDF files

The paper must consist of three sections as follows:

1: Introduction as follow:
a) An overview of the research topic (language barriers that affects refugees education)
b) A demographic background of refugees students’ in the U S A schools.

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2: Body and / or literature review as follows: a detailed background of the research study
a) Pre immigration barriers (lack of literacy)
b) Post immigration barriers (work load responsibilities and / or taking care of the family)
c) What did you learn from conducting this research topic.
d) Discuss your personal insights, opinions, agreements and / or disagreements concerning the research topic.

3: Conclusion as follows:

Restate the research thesis and summarize the research findings. Then conclude the paragraph with a strong statement about the research and its importance

read the instruction document carefully before writing the response paper. Also, the consulted references for conducting the research paper are attached along with the instruction document on the message board, so please download them. Then write a 4 typed pages research paper based on the given instructions for each section of the paper that are provided in the instruction document. Also please keep in mind that the research paper must be written as detailed as possible. Please confirm that you have downloaded all the required files and read my message and that you understand all the requirements of this order

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