Salt of the Earth and On the Waterfront | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Salt of the Earth and On the Waterfront were made the same year and both depict sociopolitical struggles related to unions. However, they approach the issues in completely different ways, both in content and in form. Compare and contrast each films sociopolitical message as well as their allegorical meanings, focusing on how production methods and the status of the writers and directors of each film reflect these messages and meanings. Be sure to use 2-3 specific scenes from each film to support your analysis.
Your paper must be a minimum of 4 double-spaced pages and follow MLA guidelines, including works cited.
-You are expected to use outside sources to support your argument, which may or may not include George Orwell’s ”Notes on Nationalism,” assigned week 3. Wikipedia does NOT count as an outside source.
-Also recommended is ”Naming Names” by Saul Navasky, published 1980.

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