Review “Case Study: Kaynia” to inform this assignment | Assignment help

Discuss the following in a 600 word essay:

Using Topic Materials, research and describe the POW + TREE, the STOP and DARE strategies.

Provide a rationale for how each writing strategy could help Kaynia to meet her goal.

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Describe how the POW+TREE graphic organizer could help Kaynia to monitor her use of the strategy.

Describe two additional writing strategies you would suggest based on your research of best practices.

In 600 words reflect upon how writing instruction strategies to engage students in personal reflection is beneficial to develop conceptual understanding and skills. Be sure to explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.


POW writing strategy offers a mnemonic device to organize student think when creating argumentative essays. Learners use the POW approach for any writing assignment. They add TREE to the strategy when they are writing an argumentative essay. It is crucial that students be able to identify when a task is calling for their opinion. Being able to write effectively is a critical skill for academic success. Students who do not demonstrate proficiency in writing by adolescence are at a substantial academic disadvantage. Secondary students who are taught writing in an explicit manner have shown improvements in their writing abilities. Struggling readers do not know how to access what they know in writing. Less than twenty-percent of their revisions change the original text. Additionally, they do not respond to abstract terms that are part of the writing process, like “brainstorm.” Consequently, precise and concrete strategies are necessary to assist them understand “what has to happen in the mind. Students with Learning Disabilities, typically have challenges organizing complex tasks. Using the POW+ TREE method has been shown to have a positive impact on student writing both in terms of quantity and structure….

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