1. This week we have been separated into two groups. I was put into the support immediate emancipation group. For this debate I will be in the point of view of a slave who has had their family ripped from them. Freedom is a got given right to every person living on earth. Immediate emancipation is the freedom me; my brothers and sisters have been waiting for. I have had everything ripped from me. My children were taken away. My whole world gone by one white man. I’ve also heard some other people talk about gradual emancipation. Have they not thought of the fact that we are the people being emancipated? All they care about are the owners. They won’t give us any real freedom if we are gradually emancipated. We won’t be able to vote, or actually be free. Gradual emancipation is not a fix to an issue that has gone on way to long. We have been used for profit for too long, and it’s time that we get the freedom we deserve without having our children serve until they are middle aged. I’ve heard that in some states those who have gotten gradual emancipation, children still have to serve as indentured servants until they are half way to 50 (First Wave of Anti-Slavery Activism 1). When slaves are legally not a slave anymore, they will still have to work without compensation, how is that a fix to this issue (First Wave of Anti-Slavery Activism 2)? I want to be free and start my own life like all the other white folk. Immediate emancipation means we all are immediately granted the rights that the white men have, gradual on the other had prolongs the time that we don’t have to have the same rights as those who own us. Everyone deciding if we should be free or not are those who own slaves. I know the answer in my heart, but those slave owners are blinded by money and power.
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2.  This is just the beginning. As a domestic servant, a slave, a wife, and a mother. I want nothing more than my family and I to be free. I know of slaves that work on the same plantation as me and my family that were so called free. Is that what we have to look forward to? Does being free mean I can walk amongst the white folks and live my life like them? Everyday I wake up to do my chores and what ever else master has for me side by side with my 12 year old daughter. My daughter is the product of me and my owner. The gradual emancipation law can guarantee my child’s freedom when she is a little older. For her, she has security and a chance to live a life that I could only dream of giving her. For as long as she’s here, I know she is safe. I know that she can not be sold or pulled away from me. I can watch her grow. For me, I know that I may suffer, but I will suffer and sacrifice my freedom to make sure she can live. I could run and rebel along with the other slaves, but I could die. I could be kidnapped, beaten, or sold. I could be stripped away from my family. Or, I could mind my work and obey master’s rules. Master and his Misses let me stay in the house to tend to the chores and the children. I know there is a chance that once I am older, they may kick me outside, but at least I will have my family. My child can be free and not treated as property. My child can have the chance to be smart, to learn to read and write just like the white children. My child can learn about the laws that made it “okay” to enslave me and change it.

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