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This week, we broke the vocation of healthcare into three distinct components of ministry: Ministry of Presence, Ministry of Word, and Ministry of Action.

Addressing ONE of the three questions below, write a 1-1.5 page, double-spaced, DR. (Be sure to engage with / cite our textbook):

(1). Can you think of a time when you engaged in active listening, in or outside of a healthcare context? What were the results? Lastly, why is active listening a crucial part of practicing the Ministry of Presence?

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(2). The book presents a rather detailed 5-part description of what it means to practice the Ministry of Word. How would you more simply define what it means to do so? Can you think of a moment when you practiced the Ministry of Word in a healthcare context, or with a friend, colleague, or family member? What were the results?

(3). Can you think of a time when someone conveyed love and compassion to you with their actions, in or outside of a healthcare context? What would it look like for you to practice the Ministry of Action, both now in your current social circle(s), and in your future role as a healthcare practitioner?

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