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Effective communication is one of the essential attributes of professional nursing. Describe a time when your message to another was misunderstood. Reflect on what contributed to the misunderstanding. What would you have done differently?
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The statement is not a term paper, no references are necessary. Your response should be 2-3 pages in length. Consider and address the College of Nursing Core Values as appropriate when answering this question: accountability, collaboration, creativity, diversity, excellence, integrity, human dignity and social justice. 1-2 of the values should be addressed in your statement.

Have an associates degree in general studies. Never did great in school until I joined the army as a combat medic in 12/2009 where I grew as an individual where I figured out my passion. Deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom for 9 months. I got out in January 2014 to further my education and just received my associates in general studies and am not wanted to further my education by getting my bachelors and RN in nursing.

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