Plagiarism can take different appearances in different fields of academic study

Plagiarism can take different appearances in different fields of academic study, but it always comes down to not appropriately and accurately identifying a source every time information from the source appears.

For a case study of plagiarism in the field of computer science, read the following article: Pedersen, T. (2001, April 19). A plagiarism case study. The University of Minnesota Duluth. 

After you read Pedersen’s case study, complete the following in your initial discussion post:

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1. Create your own example of plagiarism.

2. Provide an example of a way to cite the source properly.

3. Devise the punishment that you think is appropriate for the plagiarism example you created.

Write a paragraph explaining how this punishment would be implemented.


Plagiarism is a serious offence in academic circles. One of the most common forms of plagiarism is failing to properly acknowledge the source of information especially in academic … integrity requires that every outside source is properly cited as a way of acknowledging the original author. An example of plagiarism is discussed in this author information: The COVID-19 pandemic is associated with highly significant levels of psychological distress that, in many cases, would meet the threshold for clinical content: The COVID-19 pandemic has high levels of psychological distress, which, in most of the times, would meet the threshold for clinicalthe second content has captured some minor changes, there are notable words that have been directly copied from the original information with no changes made to amounts to plagiarism…

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