Pirates of Silicon Valley with Noah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hall, 1999 | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Here is the true story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and they are more ethically challenged than you might imagine. Of all the films in this list, Pirates is probably the most must see movie for folks in college now. Both men spend more time scheming than programming, but to say more would spoil the plot! watch the movie and note the various ethical challenges and dilemmas that occur throughout the film. Prepare a presentation (PowerPoint or written) and include the following in the essay. What should the character or charters do?Did you agree with their course of action? If so why do youagree or not agree with their decision.What steps would you go through to solve the dilemma or challenge that the character is faced with? Describe how the Josephson Six Pillars of Character can support your ethical decision making (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship).



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