Persausive Speech | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Persuasive Speech Description

(EEOs 1-6; CCICs 1-6) Levels on Bloom’s Taxonomy: Application, Synthesis, Evaluation

The Persuasive Speech assignment is an opportunity for you to select an area of interest, which you feel the class should be knowledgeable of and will to create change on your topic. Your goal with this assignment is to educate and Persuade your audience to help reduce the impacts of the problem area you are addressing. The following is a checklist for the objectives of the assignment, and you will want to use the second page a guide to developing your typed outline. Time Limit: 7 Minutes

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_ Write a Thesis Statement, and clearly define your purpose and audience.

_ Make sure you can locate at least 5 Credible, Academic Level Sources

         You will orally state these sources during the delivery of your speech, this helps to build your Ethos (Credibility).

_ Present the idea to your Professor for Topic Approval

_ Follow the Persuasive Outline Format Exactly –Writing Center A409 or use the NLOWL (North Lake On-Line Writing Lab). Your goal is to get the audience to Take 3 to 5 Action Steps (To Create Change)

_ You are required to have a visual aid; it must add to the effectiveness of your speech.

_ Write the Body of the speech first, then write the Introduction and Conclusion

_ Your delivery will need to be practiced, and well polished. You should have a “full dress rehearsal” practice where you go through your speech 6 to 8 times prior to delivering your speech for a grade in class. Have a friend listen, or schedule with your instructor during their office hours.

______You must have a live audience of AT LEAST 3 adults, they must be seen in your video taping of your speech; however, the video of you and your demo needs to be clearly presented. Think about your “Recording Studio” space, needs to be clean/tidy.

Persuasive Speech Outline

(Use this Sheet Like a Workbook Page and Fill In your Information)


I. Attention Device: (Creative approach to get the audiences attention—Poem, Quote, Song Lyrics, etc)

II. State Qualifications (Establish Credibility, Tell us where you learned your demonstration topic)

III. Relate Topic to Audience (Purpose, To Inform and Demonstrate how a process is completed)

IV. State Proposition (Thesis) & Preview Points

A. Preview Main Point I (Problem)

B. Preview Main Point II (Causes Optional)

C. Preview Main Point III (Solution and Call to Action)


I. Problem




(TRANSITION: Connects thoughts and Ideas TYPE out your transitional statement)

II.        Solutions and Call to Action (Consists of 3 to 5 Specific Steps)





I. Provide Closure (Review Main Points)

II. Closing Thought (Clincher or Bow Tie)

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