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Updates Needed in Reference to Comments – Be as concise as possible! Only address 2 problems (One being dispersants) – see comments from others (highlighted)

*Please mention one of the risks being that they pretty much didn’t have a plan in regard to the clean and how it took 3 years to complete with lack of a plan basically

Problems of the Case

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In the course of the problems, it is to be understood that, the oil spill has been causing a lot of problems and the issues which have arisen as a result of the same, are likely to cause problems to the creatures that are making usage of the sea water. The problems are discussed below.

· Environmental effects: The first category of effect is in the name of environmental effects. The animal life which lives near the oil spill is affected to a major level. As a result of oil spill, the animal life is choked to death. The oil moves into the fur of the mammals and as a result of the same, the mammals find it difficult to breath. The animals even become blind as a result of the oil spill and the same is required to be avoided as the consequences for the animals are definitely severe and this results in working up the activities in a proper and appropriate way. In the course of countering the effects and doing the cleaning up job, it is likely that, a total of many weeks or months could be taken for clearing up the entire tasks and activities over a particular period of time. The government and the related entities have to make sure that they take the environmental effects into consideration and accordingly, decisions are made for the purpose of avoiding such kinds of situations in the future.

· Economic effect: The second category of effect which occurs as a result of oil spill is the effect on economy. Although the oil spill occurs as a result of the company involved but the effect of oil spill is on the government also and the government needs to work well towards the area of reduction in the level of oil spill and accordingly the activities are carried out.  A lot of cost of the government is incurred as a result of oil spill and the same needs to be worked upon well. The government is going to be required to incur more expenses at the time when, the overall approach is improved and accordingly, the people are provided the necessary benefits. It is certain that a lot of money is incurred in terms of reduction of such kinds of issues and it is also going to be crucial to make sure that, the government does not end up incurring higher level of money as more money incurred shall result in the case that the government might not work well towards finding solutions to the problems.

· Effect on tourism Industry: The local tourism industry is also put under the problems as a result of the oil spill. In the course of the oil spill, it is being identified that the tourism industry is affected negatively and the industry is required to work upon in a way that, it loses on various tourists over a period of time. As a result of oil spill, there are a lot of people who are likely to lose a lot of money and in this regarding; the entire economic activity related to tourism is affected negatively.  The day to day activities are also impacted negatively as a result of the oil spill which has arisen. There shall be lower level of people who would be considering using the facilities provided by tourism industry and in relation to the same, it is also being taken into consideration that, such situations create a lot of issues and overall this shall create problems in making higher level of impact on the case situation being taken into consideration.

· The other issues include the usage of harsh chemicals and not keeping up with the regulations created by the regulators. Moreover, there was also a problem regarding crisis management plan.


There are various kinds of weaknesses which have been taken into account in terms of the activities which are likely to take place for the person in this particular area for doing the tasks. The weaknesses of the project management activities carried out in this situation are provided below and the same are required to be taken into consideration. The organizations and parties considering this situation should also consider the strengths and weaknesses to a larger extent so that the problems are continued to be avoided and overall positive results are generated regarding avoidance of the issue taken into account.

a. The first category of the weakness regarding the project is the case that, the organization did not take precaution at the time of moving forward with the activities regarding oil. The organization had to make sure that, it considers oil spilling related task in a proper manner as this would result in the case that the organization is always taking preventive measures to avoid oil spilling and accordingly, proper ways of doing the things shall be performed well.

The second kind of weakness is regarding the inability of the management to make preventive actions towards the area of ensuring that, the after effects of oil spill are avoided (Joseph, 2014). As a result of avoidance of after effect of oil spill, one of the crucial tasks to be carried out is that the organization should identify the preventive

Comments made on section above:

I do not think the teacher is looking for this much detail. This part is present in the newest version and I think we can remove it. Per the professor’s feedback, re-write the key problems and focus on the problems with quality and risk management. I’ve suggested that we speak to specific PM methods, techniques, tools in the previous section so that we can speak to the problems in this section. For example, in the PM methods section we will speak to the techniques like dispersants, sorbents, etc. After, we will speak to the problems associated with these methods. For example, dispersants are highly toxic and cause even further environmental damage…that is both a quality and risk management issue.

Impact of Problems and Issues

There are various issues which are likely to arise to the people as a result of the impact of the problems which are likely to arise over a particular period of time. the problems are being discussed in detail and with the help of identification of the problems, it shall be easier for the people to make sure that they are being working well towards the area of doing the tasks well and accordingly, it shall be easier to work upon well so that, the impact of the problems is reduced considerably over a particular period of time.

a. The first category of impact which is likely to arise as a result of oil spill and lack of proper management in terms of oil spill is the impact in relation to the impact of oil spill on water. As a result of oil spill, the chemical mixes with the water and creates a new substance in the name of mousse. This substance becomes even stickier in comparison to the oil. The substances is seen as food by animals and birds and as a result of the same, there is a case that, lots of animals and birds are negatively affected as a result of usage of those items and accordingly, a lot of problem is caused to them which is not necessarily required to arise to the people. In such a situation, it is essential to make sure that, this problem is mainly avoided and it is ensured that the issues do not take place so that the problems are avoided well. Even if efforts are made for the purpose of reduction in the oil, it becomes difficult for the users to remove the entire oil and as a result of removal of the oil, it also becomes difficult to make sure that, proper areas of doing the tasks are ensured and the tasks are performed well without any kinds of problems or issues which are likely to arise over a particular period of time.

b. The second category of impact of the problem is the impact wherein, ecological significance is impacted. The impact is made on the overall ecology and it is essential to ensure that the entire ecological impact is taken into consideration so that, the problems are taken into consideration in a positive and more appropriate manner. As a result of oil spill, it is likely that the animals might suffer detrimental impacts on their fur and feathers. This particular impact is responsible for majority of the issues regarding death of birds in oil slicks. If there is a case that, a fish consumes oil then, it is likely that, it might survive but if the oil is passed on to any other animal at any other place then, that animal is not likely to survive. Therefore, it becomes essential for the people to avoid such instances so that, the problems do not take place and the impact of such kind is avoided to a major level. There is also issue that, algae and sea grass becomes tainted as this also leads to make the entire ecosystem uninhabitable for many years and major problems are likely to arise to the animals that are living in the ecosystem in terms of their survival.

c. The third category of impact of the problem and issue being taken into consideration in the present situation is the problem related to the long term effect of oil spillage on the human beings. There can be situation that the area near the place of oil spill might be affected negatively as the people living in that area may not have appropriate facilities available to them and they might be required to take the assistance of government for ensuring that their survival is possible to a larger extent and it is ensured by them that they can avoid the instances of problems which are likely to arise to them at a particular point of time for the purpose of doing the tasks over a period of time.

d. The fourth kind of impact which is likely to take place is the impact regarding the cost incurred by the government in the course of doing the cleaning up activities. In regard to the cleaning up activities, a lot of money is spent and all the money is spent from the pocket of the government. The general ways which are used for the purpose of cleaning up an oil spill are varied and as a result of the same, the environmental effects are also taken into consideration.

e. Fifth kind of impact is the impact regarding social effects which might arise in this particular area. Whenever, such kind of activity regarding oil spill takes place, there is always a situation that, the company which is involved in oil spill is held to be responsible for the damage which has occurred to it over a particular period of time for doing the tasks. The social effects are related to the fact that, people tend to have problems and they do not consider the activities of the oil company to be appropriate in terms of doing the tasks and making sure that the overall tasks regarding the oil company is avoided.

Comments made on section above:

Make sure that this section matches the newly written (above) section. As to what all is impacted

Tie it into project performance. How was the project impacted with poor quality and low-risk management? Did it delay the project? Make it more costly? Did it affect other PM Knowledge areas?

In connection to the two previous sections..if we talk about dispersants as a method in the “PM methods section,” we should talk about the problems of that method in the “problems” section and talk about the “impacts” in this section. Staying with dispersants — an impact of this could be an increased scope, increase time and increase costs due to the additional payouts in environmental damages (in millions of dollars) and future health-related issues for the workers. Review course notes from risk management week because I recall discussion about “known unknown, unknown unknowns” — BP has no idea of the potential health hazards these chemicals can have on the workers and environment and they deliberately selected a highly toxic chemical (this is not the only effective chemical)

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