Limited product categories

Even retailers that sell many similar products are often different from each other in several key ways. Consider the following descriptions and specify which one best describes each retailer by selecting the correct option from the drop-down menu.

Whole Foods offers many organic food choices, healthy food prepared on site, a high-quality fresh meat market, and extensive wine selections. It has smaller, upscale stores major Canadian markets, but isn’t likely to be found in rural areas of the country. It costs more than major grocery stores and mostly sells food-related items.

Select Costco has stores mainly in major markets. Pricing is low because product is sold in bulk. If you can’t use 24 hot dog buns before they go stale, this isn’t the store for you. Stores are huge and sell not only groceries, but refrigerators, televisions, and more.

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Select Zehrs, Sobeys, and Longos are traditional grocery stores that can be found in just about every town. These large stores carry a wide selection of foods and household products. They also often carry an assortment of books, magazines, DVDs, and many stores have pharmacies. Prices are very competitive.

Select Need a soda and a lottery ticket? How about batteries for your headphones before heading to the airport? Maybe you need some snacks for your road trip. 7-Eleven isin almost every town, near every major highway, and is small so that you can get what you need and get back on the road quickly.

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