Identify the topic and your position specifically and discuss, state key position) | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Content: take a position on a nursing “”
I want the paper to include
(1) identify the topic and your position specifically and discuss, state key position)
(2) background and significance and support with reference/s
(3) the pros/cons or advantages
sample with refences.
Example page 2 and note the required subheadings and content


The Title of the Paper Goes in the Middle like this

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[Note this section introduces your position and tells what the paper will cover]

Background and Significance of the Problem [this section tells how the problem came about and the impact it has on patients or nurses or whatever you see as related issues.]
Pros and Cons of the Problem [this section lays out the pros/cons or use the title Advantages and
Disadvantages to address each side of the issue]

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