I enjoy swimming in the pool, reading and going to the beach. | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Hello, my name is Gordon JablonskLIi. I live in sunny Florida with my spouse and two dachshund puppies. I enjoy swimming in the pool, reading and going to the beach. I like to explore new places. I am always going out in the town trying to find new and interesting places to eat and visit. I decided to continue going to college after I earned a bachelor’s degree from Ashford University which is UoR’s sister school. I received my BA in Psychology and since most of my work experience is in the human service field, I decided to continue on in getting my MA in Human Services. Going to school has taken me some time. I actually graduated high school in 1999 but had some setbacks. So, I became a nursing assistant at a technical college and worked as a nursing assistant for many years in a nursing home. Then, one day I found a job offer to work in a mental hospital. I interviewed and was hired. I really enjoyed doing the nursing duties in the mental hospital. I was able to use the psychology theories I was learning at Ashford to help my patients. However, as the years went on I decided I did not want to become a psychologist or counselor but rather I wanted to work in the human services field and have a degree that was expansive. With the MA in Human Services I can work with children, adults, or senior citizens. It is a degree that can be used in many different fields and is portable. I feel that I am a person who can handle working and online studies. I usually do a little bit of school each day and make sure to get my posts in on the 1st, 3rd and 7th day of each week. UoR is set up very similar to Ashford’s student portal and classroom so I am very thankful to have such a smooth transition. Something that would support my journey would be to ask questions so if my classmates can ask me lots of questions it helps me gather my thoughts so that I can be thorough in my responses and focus in. I hope to meet all of you and look forward to working with you in this master’s class! See you soon!

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