ESSAY HELP | Hearing and Deaf Impairment-onset, prevalence and risk factors

Hearing/Deaf Impairment.

You will create a 12 minute media presentation on Hearing/Deaf Impairment, be organized and creative about your work, and plan ahead. Be sure not to plagiarize any of your slides and learn as much as you can about your topic. What should be included in your presentation:


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Organization / Quality of presentation – 5 points Presenter knowledge and style – 5 points Describe the disability and its characteristics – onset, prevalence and risk factors. -20 pts Provide assessment strategies-10 pts Identify instructional strategies for working with students with this disability.-10 pts Provide examples of low- and high-tech assistive technology to support children with this disability-10 pt Provide a slide with your references – 5 pts Discussion Forum to be discussed during week that is due / respond to 5 other peers -10pt


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