Explain what can happen when children do not engage in healthy fitness activities | ASSIGNMENT HELP

As you have been learning, your knowledge about the nutritional and fitness needs of children will have the greatest impact when you can share this knowledge in order to help children and their families grow in awareness of and commitment to healthy behaviors and lifestyles. For your blog section this week, prepare a 2-page fact sheet to inform both early childhood professionals and families about the essential aspects of physical fitness for preschool-age children. Use the following guidelines:

Write an introductory paragraph or at least five bullet points that explain why physical fitness is so important for young children. Include at least three developmental skills that children are learning at this age, and describe how physical activities can help children toward mastery of these skills. Be sure to cite evidence from the learning resources or, if desired, use other resources to support your claims.

Explain what can happen when children do not engage in healthy fitness activities. Be sure to consider the impact on children of being overweight or obese, including implications for health and self-esteem.
Indicate how adults can help children develop good fitness habits. Describe at least two activities, such as specific games or movements, which are appropriate and enjoyable for children of this age. At least one of the activities should involve gross-motor (locomotor) skills, and another should involve fine-motor (manipulative) skills. Remember, the activities you recommend should be developmentally appropriate, which includes noncompetitive.
Based on your readings, include at least one inspirational, thought-provoking quote that captures your attitude and/or philosophy about fostering children’s healthy growth and development.
For your fact sheet, draw on the information in the fitness articles from this week’s Required Resources and your own research to provide evidence about the positive impact that physical activity has on children’s health, both now and in the

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