Examine the key ethical theories and ethical principles informing ethical decision making in nursing | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Look at the following case study:
Discuss and examine the following hypothetical case study: As a nurse, you are the last person to see Mr. Doe before he dies in the hospital. You believe that he has become mentally incompetent in the last few hours. He has been ranting, crying, and speaking incoherently. In that time, he has rewritten his will. In the new will he viciously attacks each member of his adopted family and reveals that he actually was born a woman. He then cuts every family member out of the will leaving his fortune to a Psychic Chatline. Mr. Doe asks you to make sure that the new will gets to his lawyer. Knowing that the document will most likely be thrown out of court but not before the damage to Mr. Doe’s family is done, do you carry out Mr. Doe’s last request?

1. Examine the key ethical theories and ethical principles informing ethical decision making in nursing.
3. Evaluate legal principles that must be considered when making healthcare decisions.
5. Apply ethical and legal principles to hypothetical situations that confront nurses and other healthcare professionals.
7. Compose a plan for maintaining individual moral integrity in today’s healthcare environment .
8. Distinguish between codes of ethics from various healthcare disciplines.

•Provide a thorough description of the case study. Identify and explain all ethical issues found in the case study.
•Write your analysis of the case study utilizing the MORAL ethical decision making process.
•Include a discussion of each step of the process, the primary ethical theory you are basing your decisions on, the pertinent moral and ethical rules that are relevant to nursing practice in this case, and your rationale for each step.
•Use correct grammar, facts from peer-reviewed references, the textbook, and examples from professional practice.

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