Project – Hypothesis Testing


You will conduct your own hypothesis test. You may use the list of potential project ideas that I have listed below OR if I indicated that you post was acceptable for the project you may use the statistic you provided in the first part of the project. You need to conduct a left, right or two-tailed hypothesis test based on whether or not you believe this statistic to be too low, too high or just plain wrong. You will need to state your hypothesis, determine the minimum necessary sample size, collect data using a method of your choosing and perform calculations, and present your results in a short paper. Failure to collect actual data will result in a grade of zero on this project.

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General outline for the report:

The first page of your report needs to have a summary of the problem being studied, what you were testing and why. You should follow this with the steps you used to conduct the hypothesis test at the = 0.05 level. You must include your p-value and test statistics (this is calculated straight from StatCrunch). Also include the critical value based on the alpha = .05 level of confidence. You may need to use equation editor to complete this step. Make sure to also give an explanation of the hypothesis test and a summation of the results.


You MUST determine what the minimum necessary sample size is for this problem.

A discussion of how the results might be changed at an = 0.1, or = 0.01 level.

Whether or not you reject/fail to reject the null hypothesis discuss what may have influenced your results.

Sample Project Examples:

(Keep in mind these examples are completely made-up so that statistics that are being referenced are NOT remotely legitimate).

(1) You read in a publication that 70% of all college students are on Facebook. Your group thinks that the actual proportion is closer to 80%. Here Ho is p .7.

To determine your minimum sample size you use the formula

np(1-p) >= 10

and solve for n:




So your minimum sample size is 48.

You then would create a survey using a tool like Survey Monkey, google forms, etc to collect data from 48 college students. You may email this form to me in order to help you collect data, you may post on social media, etc. You will need to discuss your data collection method and what type of sampling that you used (if its convenience sampling make certain you discuss any steps that you have taken to try and get randomized data). You can use any sampling technique that you see fit (yes you could create a survey from a site like or similar). I know that you will probably NOT be able to fully gather your data using simple random sampling – but you do need to discuss your data collection technique and how you might design a data collection technique IF you had all the time and necessary resources available to you.

You find that you proportion is _______ – and then you run a hypothesis test and make your conclusions.

Also know that you do not need to reject the null hypothesis in order to get an A on this assignment! You just need to address the questions included in the rubric below. Getting results that you were not expecting is awesome! Think of this project as a journey and NOT a destination.

Remember that you can perform a hypothesis test on either a mean or a proportion! And that you need to make certain that you are using the correct calculations for whatever you use.

Grading Rubric:

NOTE: PART 2 is 90 points total. Part 1 of the Project is 10 points. Total points for the project equal 100 which will directly translate to a percentage grade in the gradebook.



Discussion/Explanation of what you are testing and why you are testing it.


What kind of test are you conducting. A left-tailed, right-tailed or two-tailed test. An explanation as to why you chose that particular test.


Correct setup of hypothesis test


Correct calculation of p-value


Correct interpretation of hypothesis test – this includes how your p-value relates to the .05 alpha level (corresponding to a 95% level of confidence). Remember that if your calculated p-value is less than .05 you reject the null hypothesis. If your calculated p-value is greater than .05 you fail to reject the null hypothesis. We never “prove” the alternate hypothesis.


Correct discussion of how/if results change at .1 alpha level


Correct discussion of how/if results change at .01 alpha level


Discussion of sampling technique and how it could be improved in further tests. Be certain to answer the following questions: (1) The method of sampling chosen – random, stratified, cluster, convenience, or systematic and why this method was chosen. (2) How the data was collected – in person? online survey? etc (3) was my sample representative of the original population I was comparing it to? (4) If not representative what could I do different in the future? And (5) who can I generalize my results to?


Correct calculation of sample size


Synopsis of Project, what you learned, what you already knew and how this might affect how you view survey results in the future. Include a discussion of whether or not how you asked your question might have impacted your results. Did you use the same question as the original survey or did you make changes? Why did you ask the question in the way that you did.

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