ESSAY HELP | Healthy Boundaries: Building and Maintaining Personal Stability.

Healthy Boundaries:  Building and Maintaining Personal Stability.

When you are a child, your parents or guardians help you to establish healthy boundaries (or at least they should).  For instance, my kids are generally not allowed to play on their phones while in the car with me (unless it’s a really long trip).  I want to guard them against anti-social behavior, and I want them to interact and talk with me and the world we are driving by.  I view that as helping them to have a boundary they may not know they need.  However, when we become adults, no one else is making our boundaries.  We are responsible for setting the limits.  Some times we are not very effective in setting limits for ourselves.


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Discussion Questions:

List 2 Areas of your Life that you feel you have Weak Boundaries (or perhaps no boundaries).  Examples might include finances, alcohol intake, use of technology, eating habits, or television watching; as well as interpersonal boundaries like letting friends take advantage of you or saying, “yes” to requests from others when it’s not healthy for you.

Next, Discuss the appropriate boundaries or strategies that you would need to put in place to address those weak boundaries.


Make sure you cover ways that will help restore balance in your life and how you can honor those boundaries and be assertive in establishing those boundaries with others.

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