ESSAY HELP | Elizabethan Poetry and Prose

Using three literary works studied by this point in semester (Not those in square brackets on the syllabus), including at least one prose selection and at least one poem, write an integrated essay on one of the following topics:

1. The significant of Poetry or Literature

2. Transformations through Love or Beauty

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3. Praise of the Ideal and/or Social or Personal Reform or Instruction


4. Spiritual, Religious, Moral, Philosophical, or Ethical Issues

5. Recurrent Themes, or Conflicts, or Symbols, or Image Patterns

You can make up your own topic

Do not under 800 words

Analyze is important

Double-space your essay throughout. You are not required to use outside sources (literary criticism), trough you may if you choose and if you document them properly. When quoting, use page numbers for prose works, but line numbers for poems. Quotations longer that three lines are to be set off, with a one-inch left indent. For set-off quotations (each line with its own line for poems), do not use quotation marks. If you are citing fewer than three lines, do not set off the quoted lines. Instead, run them across your paragraph like normal text, but put them in quotation marks and use a right slash[/]at the end of one poetic line before typing the next. State the inclusive lines numbers (or page numbers, for prose) after the quotations, in parentheses.

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