ESSAY HELP | Current gaps in the EU mobility-sustainable European transport system

 Considering this background, it is necessary to define a research question; What are the current gaps in the EU mobility roadmaps that need to be bridged to make rail as the backbone of European mobility? In order to gain a better understanding of the current situation and its potentialities, this work will address these issues:

• Presenting the themes that are underrepresented in the current transport roadmaps;

• invite experts to discuss the emergency to make the transport mode as seamless, efficiency and cross-sectoral what will lead to the sustainable transport network; and

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• provide ideas on initiating a program to close the gap from a top-down position. This thesis provides an analysis of the published roadmaps by the European Technology Platforms (ETP), a review of those roadmaps as carried out by transport experts, and finally a definition of gaps in the European transport network for a more sustainable (and therefore more railways focused) policy. In the final section, this work will present “take-a-ways” bullet points for policymakers working in transportation, so to contribute to a sustainable European transport system. For this research the term backbone is used to indicate the position of the railways in the transport network. An idiom for backbone can be the spine, that acts as a fundamental structural support. In this case the research is mentioning the backbone as a most vital and necessary infrastructure for a complete functional system


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