ASSIGNMENT HELP | How would you describe the work of Robert Rauschenberg?

How would you describe the work of Robert Rauschenberg? How is it different from what had come before? Why did Rauschenberg create his art with this approach?

What are some of the themes present in the work of Andy Warhol? What do you think his subjects communicate? Would you describe his subjects as uniquely American? Explain your answer.

What is happening to architecture during this period?  Is architecture influenced by the artistic movements of the 1960s?

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How does photography change?  Its purpose?  Its style?  Who have been some of the most famous or controversial artists?  Why?

The groups of artists discussed in Chapter 7 explored the connection between real life and art in different ways. How did the Neo-Dadist and the Pop artists use imagery and objects produced by mass consumerism?

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