Develop and present a proposal for your intended research using a QUANTITATIVE design

Develop and present a proposal for your intended research using a QUANTITATIVE design.  (Reference previous orders)

While the most important elements in any proposal are the fundamentals of the problem, purpose, and research questions, the bulk of the assignment will be the methodology. You will want to organize this by subheadings. The actual headings and information that needs to be included in part depend on the method used to collect the data. In studies involving the collection of primary data, you want to be sure to include the details of your sampling plan, measurement of variables, the actual data collection procedure, plan of analysis, and justification for your decisions. 

Be sure to include the following information in your proposal:

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– Introduction
– Statement of the Problem
– Purpose Statement
– Research Questions
– Hypotheses: Null and Alternative for each research question
– Methodology
– Research Design: Specific quantitative method to be used and rationale (Ex. experiment, survey, etc.)
– Operationalization of Variable: Specification of the concepts to be measured, the operationalization of the variable(s) to be used to measure the concepts, the question(s)/scale(s) to be used and the resulting level of measurement.
– Sample design: Specification of the population, method, sample size, specific procedures, and justification.
– Data collection procedure: Explanation of how the data will be collected.
Intended data analysis: How will you analyze the data to test the hypotheses and provide answers to the research questions, including descriptive and inferential statistics? Provide your rationale.
– Limitations: Any recognized limitations of the proposed study.
– References
All research elements must be in alignment and reflect a cohesive and comprehensive research study.

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