ASSIGNMENT HELP | Describe the world in terms of extremes or polar opposites

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions
Chapter 4

1. “Ralph Lauren is my favorite designer. If he makes it, I buy it.” That insistence on labels is the result of what distortion?

a. Fact-inference confusion

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b. Pragmatic implications

c. Intentional orientation

d. Extensional orientation

2. Intentional orientation is the tendency to

a. Describe the world in terms of extremes or polar opposites

b. View the world in the way it is talked about or labeled

c. Describe the world in terms that deny constant change

d. Group unique individuals or items because they are covered by the same term of phrase

3. Which of the following is the word for the preferred term people use to identify their cultural origin?

a. Cultural identifier

b. Political correctness

c. Ethnicity

d. Nationality

4. Cultural identifiers are static and well understood by all; you can use them without fear of offending anyone. (True/False) ?

5. The objective description of a word, on which most people would agree, is known as a word’s

a. Connotation

b. Denotation

c. Definition

d. Dictionary entry

6. Purr words are

a. Used to create animal sounds

b. Highly positive terms

c. Electronic compliments

d. Nonverbal symbols

7. Static evaluation is the tendency to

a. Describe the world in terms of extremes or polar opposites

b. View the world in the way it is talked about or labeled.

c. Describe the world in terms that deny constant change

d. Group unique individuals or items because they are covered by the same labels.

8. Which of the following is an example of indiscrimination?

a. Bill Jonsen is just like the rest of them; lazy and uneducated.

b. I don’t want Barbara Jones on the City council.

c. I don’t like Bill Jonsen because of the way he treated my father.

d. Barbara Jones and Bill Jonsen are lazy and uneducated.

9. A communication pattern in which you ignore a person’s presence and his/her communication is

a. Confirmation

b. Rejection

c. Disconfirmation

d. Indiscrimination

10. ( ) is a verbal or mental subscript that identifies each individual in a group as an individual even though all members of the group may be covered by the same label.

a. Allness

b. Index

c. Etcetera

d. Dating

11. “Policeman” and “fireman” are words that demonstrate:

a. Allness

b. Ethnocentrism

c. Polarization

d. Sexist language

12. All of the following are words indicative of sexism EXCEPT

a. “firefighter”

b. “little old man”

c. “woman doctor”

d. “gay athlete”

13. Which of the following is an example of polarization?

a. This room is either burning up or freezing each day when we arrive

b. Which of the amendments are you voting for?

c. The patient’s temperature was rising and falling dramatically

d. This class is wonderful

14. Which of the following is NOT true about politeness?

a. Politeness is a desirable trait across most cultures.

b. Cultures are similar in how they define politeness.

c. There are large gender differences in the expression of politeness.

d. Professional training influences politeness.

15. The ( ) of a word is its subjective or emotional definition.

a. Connotation

b. Formation

c. Identification

d. Denotation

16. Waving to a far-off friend exemplifies what function of the interaction of verbal and nonverbal messages?

a. To accent

b. To substitute

c. To compliment

d. To contradict

17. Which of the following is NOT a barrier to interaction?

a. Extensional orientation

b. Allness

c. Polarization

d. Indiscrimination

18. Which of the following is an example of ageism?

a. Using words such as “blue hair” and “little old lady”

b. Oversimplifying your language when talking to an older person

c. Avoiding direct eye contact with older people

d. All of the above are examples

19. Which of the following is NOT true about criticism and praise?

a. Use “I” messages to own your thoughts and feelings.

b. Try to state criticism positively, if at all possible.

c. Phrase criticism more ambiguously; it will hurt less.

d. Take culture into consideration when criticizing.

20. Which of the following is the most direct?

a. I’d like to go to the movies. Do you want to go?

b. I’m so bored; I have nothing to do tonight.

c. Do you feel like pizza tonight?

d. You wouldn’t want to go bowling, would you?

21. Studies on politeness have shown all of the following EXCEPT

a. Women’s speech is politer than men’s speech

b. Men use more indirect statements when making requests than women do

c. Cultures differ in how they define politeness

d. Indirect statements can be viewed positively or negatively

22. If you fail to assert your right, you are practicing

a. Non-assertiveness

b. Aggressiveness

c. Assertiveness

d. Other-orientation

23. If we assume that we know everything there is to know about something or someone, we fall into the pattern of misevaluation called allness. (True/False)

24. Which type of lie is meant to protect yourself?

a. Pro-social

b. Self-enhancement

c. Selfish

d. Anti-social


25. Saying ‘That is a very interesting haircut’ instead of saying you don’t like it is an example of what kind of lie?

a. Equivocation

b. Exaggeration

c. Substitution

d. Omission

26. Liars tend to speak faster and give more elaborate details than do people who are telling the truth. (True/False)

27. Inferential statements are based on observations and your own conclusions. (True/False)

28. Disconfirmation is the same as disagreeing with someone. (True/False)

29. Verbal messages act independently of nonverbal messages. (True/False)

30. Liars tend to have a higher vocal pitch and greater pupil dilation. (True/False)

31. Using the word ‘church’ is more inclusive than the phrase ‘place of worship’. (True/False)

32. Polarization is a relatively fixed mental picture of some group that is applied to each individual of the group without regard for his or her unique qualities. (True/False)

33. Typewritten symbols that show emotion, like ???? are universally recognized, regardless of culture. (True/False)

34. Snarl and purr words are denotative in meaning. (True/False)

35. It is always preferable to use concrete language over abstract language. (True/False)

36. Extensional orientation is the tendency to be guided by what we see happening rather than by the label for what is happening. (True/False)

37. Bypassing refers to people missing each other with words. (True/False)

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