Define what long-term condition (LTC) is and explain the importance of the relevant nursing care | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Define what long-term condition (LTC) is and explain the importance of the relevant nursing care.

Provide a critical discussion of the nursing care of an adult with a long-term condition.

Define what long-term condition (LTC) is and explain the importance of the relevant nursing care.
• Please choose type 2 diabetes to discuss as the long-term condition
• How might the nurse help? Nurses roles in type 2 diabetes
• See the Department of Health’s 2005 NSF for long-term conditions (including long-term neurological conditions)

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Explore the lived experiences of a patient living with your chosen LTC (Type 2 Diabetes)

• What are the implications of living with Type 2 Diabetes- the psychological and social dimensions of that experience?
• The effects upon activities of daily living, employment, relationships, etc
• What are the implications of loss of function or disability?

Explore the impact of living with a patient with Type 2 Diabetes upon carers

• look at policy and help available for carers of individuals with Type 2 Diabetes
• How can the nurse best help carers?
• Consider what good practice there is locally or nationally e.g. Carers’ Support Team, disease-specific support groups

Discuss strategies to facilitate active participation in the patient’s own healthcare needs

• What can the nurse do for such patients?
• Possibly consider how to gain access to resources, support groups, the Expert Patient Programme
• Educating the patient to enable him or her to care better for themselves/ self-management
• Consider what good support there is locally or nationally

Discuss the psychosocial issues that are associated with Long-Term Conditions, ageing and chronic illness

• You could consider the effects upon self-esteem, altered body image, self-confidence and concern for the future
• What is the nurse’s role here?
• You may want to consider depression, anxiety, generalised mental ill-health, loneliness/ social isolation

Please also discuss the complications of type 2 diabetes and nurses role in managing the complications.

The module outcome that should be discussed in this essay are:
Module Outcomes:
By the end of the module students should, with reference to research and literature be able to:
Demonstrate an understanding of common long- term conditions and their nursing care and management
Critically analyse the assessment, planning, implementing and evaluation of care for a selection of long- term conditions, including multi-disciplinary team working.
Consider the role of policy and frameworks of care in determining the delivery of nursing care
Consider the role of the care environment in the management of long- term conditions
Analyse and understand the interdependent physical, psychological and social dimensions of patient care with long-term conditions.


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