ASSIGNMENT HELP | Define hunger, food insecurity, and food security.

  1. Define hunger, food insecurity, and food security. Consider the community in which you live. Do you suspect there are people who face, at least periodically, food insecurity and/or hunger? What resources are available for people in your community who might be in these situations?
  2. This chapter is full of statistics on hunger and food insecurity in the United States and abroad. Do people facing food insecurity and hunger in the United States have the same challenges as those in developing and underdeveloped nations? In what ways are they similar and different?
  3. The text states that “Enough food is available to provide at least 4.3 pounds of food per person per day worldwide.” Consider this statement. What prevents people facing food insecurity and hunger from accessing this available food?
  4. Who are the working poor in the United States? What defines working poverty? Why are these people, who have jobs, at risk for food insecurity?
  5. After reading this chapter, what would you identify as the number one problem, worldwide, contributing to food insecurity and hunger? In what ways would you suggest this problem be addressed? Try to be creative in your answer and defend why you chose your own “number one problem.”

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