HOMEWORK HELP | Data Science and Big data Analytics


In this research paper you need to choose a topic from the list below. Find a minimum of ten peer reviewed articles on this topic. You should discuss the topic, do literature review, and describe current research/challenges/findings and future recommendations.


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You also could do a programming/simulation/penetration using any tools and include your findings/figures in the paper to support your case.

Page limit: at least 9 pages minimum (font size 11, double spacing)- if working by your self.

Topics :

Big Data Analytics for cybersecurity
Real-time situational awareness
Artificial Intelligence Analytics Techniques
Machine Learning techniques for Cybersecurity and Privacy
Deep Learning techniques for Cybersecurity and Privacy
Malware detection and prevention techniques
Intrusion and cybersecurity threat detection and analysis
Cyber-physical-social system security and incident management
Mobile and cloud computing security:
IoT cybersecurity and privacy
Big data analytics for cybersecurity
Big data analytics for digital forensics
Cybersecurity Applications
Anomaly/threat detection techniques
Malware detection and Prevention


· You should search for articles related to the selected topic from IEEE, ACM, Springer database, inderscience, and Elsevier. You should include at least 10 articles from the mentioned library sources listed above.

· The paper must be grammatically correct, spell-checked and at least 15 pages long.

· References in APA style must be provided for all material you include in your report. This includes in-line references and a reference page at the end of the paper.

· You have the choice to work in groups of two maximum. The page limit will be 15 pages minimum. Font size no more than 11 double spacing.

Paper Outline:

· Title

· Abstract

· Introduction (background of the topics/existing issues/description of the problem)

· Review of Related work and existing research and opinions of professionals and academic researchers

· Findings/recommendations/simulation results/figures/tables

· Conclusions

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