Interview and interact with a person from another culture.

Student will write a 3-5 page comparative cultural interviewing paper. The paper will ask you to compare and contrast your culture with another the culture. Given your specific encounter, you may choose to what topics to write about.

  1. Interview and interact with a person from another culture. This could include a person who is a member of a sub-culture group within the United States. In either case, however, this assignment is to get you to interact with a person that you would not normally interact with.
  2. For this paper, your own personal interests, the personality of your interviewee, and the nature of your specific encounter will dictate your papers direction, themes, topic, and form.
  3. The one common denominator good papers will share, however, is that they will have said something smart about both cultures.

At the bottom I attached my interview video, so the hard work is done. Now you just have to compare and contrast the African American culture (as if its YOUR culture) with the culture of the person I interviewed

Interview is below

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