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COIS 3750 Online Marketing Assignment

Introduction: The second Assignment for this course is to be done individually. Here, you will examine social media policy, vison, and procedure. If one cares about their personal brand, they need to be careful and pay attention to what their online presence says about them. Otherwise, they run the risk of letting other people create their image for them – both good and bad. This applies to organizations as well.

Preparation and Research: Do a web search (Google/DuckDuckGo/etc.) of at least two people you know, and two celebrities or other popular figures (politician, influencer, etc.), to see what you find. If they have a common name, then you may find little information about them exists online. In that case, try another person. As well, examine your own social media accounts on the various platforms you utilize. Critically analyze your findings through the following framework and supplied resources.

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Deliverable: In a maximum of 1500 words, detail how someone in a business position should present themselves online, specifically on social media platforms and discussion forums. Explore who should control business accounts, their chosen social media platforms, business-to-customer relations, content, and policies. As well, can and should a person align their own policies and vision with their companies’ policies and their social media?

Submission: Your deliverable will be submitted to Blackboard in PDF format, by March 4th at 12:00pm. A penalty of 10% per day will be assessed for late assignments. Assignments more than five days late will not be accepted. Exceptions to this will be made at the sole discretion of the Course Instructor.  COIS 3750 Online Marketing Assignment

Format: Citing and referencing is a non-negotiable requirement, using only the supplied links as your sources. A minimum of three of these sources will be used. The document will use APA formatting for the document, citing, and references. The body will be in 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.

Note: Ensure you are examining and understanding these instructions and supplied rubric, as it provides your success criteria, and as well demonstrates exactly what we are assessing on this assignment.

Darlington, Andy, & Thomas


https://hiring.monster.ca/employer-resources/workforce-management/improving-employee- relations/workplace-social-media-policy/



Need Social Media Policy Examples? Here Are 7 Terrific Social Policies To Inspire Yours

It’s time to re-think your social media policy

COIS-ADMN 3750 Winter 2020 – Assignment 2 

https://www.bdc.ca/en/articles-tools/employees/manage/pages/managing-social-media-tips-ensure- appropriate-employee-use.aspx

https://www.cba.org/Publications-Resources/CBA-Practice-Link/2015/2014/Social-media-policies-in- the-workplace-What-works


COIS 3750 Online Marketing Assignment

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