“Cathedral” or “Saboteur | ASSIGNMENT HELP

Identify and discuss a central theme that you see in either “Cathedral” or “Saboteur
Choose one of the stories we’ve read so far this semester and identify one of its
themes. Explain why and how this idea is present in the story. You must use
textual evidence to support your claims.
Some ideas to think about:
• What does “Cathedral” tell us about true blindness or what it means to really
• There is an expression that goes “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind”.
Does “Saboteur” show exemplify this? Or does it more illustrate that “a man
who desires revenge should dig two graves”.
The introduction should be a brief summary that ends in a thematic statement. And
each body paragraph should start with a claim about a moment in the story,
followed by a summary of and quote from the moment, then a paraphrase of the
quote, and an explanation of how the moment supports your thesis/ thematic
statement. Each moment should come from different parts of the story and be
presented in the order that they appear in (the beginning, the middle, and the end).
Altogether, these moments should show that every part of the story supports your
claim about the story’s overall meaning/ theme.

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