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For this project, you will write-up a five-page case presentation of a famous historical character of your choosing, offering background information, ethical concerns, diagnostic considerations, and a treatment plan. Please make sure to select an historical figure with clearly defined symptoms of psychopathology. Please note, feel free to offer your own speculations about possible background information, ethical concerns, and a diagnosis, rather than solely relying on biographical information or indicating that the information isnt available. In other words, each section should be thoroughly thought through and articulated on, whether via available biographical information or through hypothetical situations and scenarios. Each student will turn in a six-page write-up.


The write-up must include all of the following sections for full credit:

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(1) Background information: a clear picture of the background information of the fictional character is presented, including behavioral, social, academic, religious, and occupational functioning. Remember, if you can’t find details on some of these areas, you can feel free to present your own speculations about possible background information.

(2) Ethical concerns: the student clearly identifies or rules out all ethical concerns, including suicide assessment, child abuse, elder abuse, homicide, organic or other medical concerns, and substance abuse issues.

(3) Diagnosis: diagnostic considerations are explored, including a tentative DSM-5 diagnosis based on clearly defined symptoms.

(4) Treatment plan: a clear and coherent treatment plan is presented that includes the presenting problem, long-term goals as well as objectives and corresponding interventions; the student also discusses how to integrate the clients faith into treatment, how to connect the client with community resources and other human service providers, how to integrate recovery-oriented principles into treatment, and client advocacy.

(5) Write-up: the above elements are organized in a clear and straightforward write-up of six pages, including sections titled Background Information, Ethical Concerns, Diagnosis, and Treatment Plan.

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