Quiz #3 Intro to Humanities

For Quiz #3, write a five-paragraph essay detailing ONE of the following events in history:

Al Capone / My Topic

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Your essay should cover:

Paragraph 1:Introduction to your subject/topic –> What is it?

Paragraph 2:How was it/they established?

Paragraph 3:Were there any conflicts? Or things they/it had to overcome?

Paragraph 4:What impact has it/ have they made in the United States today?

Paragraph 5:What is one thing that you learned from studying this subject/topic that you can apply to YOUR life today? Explain in detail.

Remember that I am a 53-year Black Man


a. Each paragraph should consist of 8-10 meaningful sentences

b. Follow basic English standard format (no spelling or grammar errors)

c. Any information you get from outside sources must be cited at the bottom of your post and indicated in the paragraph with quotations around the quote and author in the parenthesis. Example below:

In 1917, Woodrow Wilson “proclaimed American entrance into World War I a crusade to make the world ‘safe for democracy’”( ).  EXAMPLE

**You DO NOT have to attach a true works cited pageat the bottom of your post, however please list all of the sources and their websites/book titles & authors. **

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