ASSIGNMENT HELP | Discuss three of the following and the problems it poses:

1. Discuss three of the following and the problems it poses: Air Pollution, Global Warming and Climate Change, Food Scarcity, Land Pollution, Water Pollution, Chemicals, Carcinogens, and Health, Threats to Biodiversity, Nuclear Waste, or Light Pollution.  You should explain what it is, how it is created, and the problems it poses.  Be careful when doing outside research to put enough into your own words.

2.  What steps are being taken to try to curve or limit the amount of pollutions you chose?  What can you do personally, if anything to reduce your impact on that problem?

3.  What issue does Lomborg see as the world’s most pressing health problem?  Why?

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4.  Lomborg, argues that the problems with species becoming extinct, natural resources running out, and population growth are not nearly as severe as we are led to believe.  How does he support these assertions?

5.  Do you find that Lomborg adequately supports his arguments, thereby alleviating your fears about the environment? Why or why not?  (Note:  in answering this question you must compare and contrast the most compelling statistics used by Brown and Lomborg. Which author do you find the most convincing?)

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