Now you will become familiar with the Final Essay’s assignment instructions. This is the required assignment for English classes at Clark, and we use the department’s rubric to measure your skill level. Make sure you start asking questions now if you need help understanding the expectations we have of you!


Read: Magdalena Kay’s “A New Course” (Links to an external site.)

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Respond: Using the techniques we learned in class, compose a 5-6 page response to Kay’s article. Including Kay’s article, you will incorporate 3-4 credible, college-level sources. Be sure to stay within that range.

You will need to incorporate Kay’s article and then either one or two of the other assigned articles/films related to higher education that we’ve discussed in this course, listed here:

Owen and Sawhill’s “Should Everyone Go to College?” (Links to an external site.)

Paul Hiebert’s “What’s the Economic Value of an Arts Education?”

Murray’s “Are Too Many People Going to College?” (Links to an external site.)

Sir Ken Robinson’s “Changing Education Paradigms” link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Zakaria’s “On American Innovation Beyond STEM”link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

IMPORTANT: Do not include any other outside sources beyond the list above. No research is required for this final assignment, and it’s important that you engage the materials covered in class.

Grading: The paper will count for 40% of your final grade and will be judged according to the English department’s grading rubric. Consult Rules for Writers and use MLA formatting, including in-text citations, works cited, and all required document formatting.

Submission: You will turn in your final draft electronically using Canvas. Read the detailed instructions provided to you in that Canvas assignment several days before it is due. Technical difficulties will not be an excuse for a late assignment, so be prepared. Canvas will accept the following document formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf. You will be graded using an electronic form of the essay rubric using Canvas as well.


· Consult the grading rubric.

· Read any article(s) carefully while taking notes.

· Define all unknown vocabulary.

· Take a stance. State a clear thesis.

· Plan and organize your essay.

· Incorporate the evidence from your articles in a seamless manner.

· Provide thoughtful analysis.

· Support your thesis.

· Stay on topic.

· Proofread for clarity, tone, and grammar.

· You integrated 3-4 sources from the reading list above, including “The New Course”

· Use MLA formatting, including in-text citations, works cited, and all document formatting requirements.

We will use this rubric:

English 101 Department Rubric.pdf


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